Tag: Stylish Blogger Award

18 Jan

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The rules for this award are to:
thank and link the person who gave it to you,
jot down 7 random facts about you,
to give the award to 15 other lucky bloggers
and let them know about it.

The amazing Dragonrhia from Laquerwarefortipsandtoes tagged me for this award. And I love it! So thank you babe! I love tags that lets you tell some random facts about yourself 🙂

My 7 random facts:

1. I get grossed out by used bandaids. Even if it was used by me!

2. Sometimes I hate how things, like for example an wooden spoon or a fabric, feel. After I felt some thing that feels “wrong”, I really need to clean my hands or I’ll feel dirty untill I washed my hands.

3. Whenever i feel sad or angry I listen to Blink 182. Their music makes me happy.

4. Every external harddisk I own has a name. I have Meeneem Bob, Muziek Bob, Film Bob, Serie Bob and Blog Bob. :’)

5. I hate doing dishes what mostly results into a mountain of dirty dishes.

6. I can’t cook eggs (sunny side up) or an omelette I always burn the damn things!

7. I would love to be a female version of Simon Cowell on X Factor (or any other “talent”show). I would love to be notoriously critical and a bit bitchy!

The 15 bloggers that I tag are:

1. Wanncha
2. Mariel
3. Daphne
4. Selina
5. Lisa
6. Marjolein
7. Sarah
8. Ilja
9. Jessica
10. Suzanne
11. Sanne
12. Priscilla
13. Evelien
14. Arantxa
15. Suzy


4 Reacties to “Tag: Stylish Blogger Award”

  1. Lisa 18/01/2011 bij 15:31 #

    Congratulations for winning that award, you deserve it! 😀

    Fun facts 😀

    Thanks for tagging me by the way but I already did that tag a short while ago, thanks though, I appreciate it! =) 😀

  2. Charlotte 18/01/2011 bij 16:14 #

    6) Gewoon het gas op zijn allerlaagst!

  3. Ilja 18/01/2011 bij 23:27 #

    Hey super leuk, bedankt voor de Tag ♥
    Altijd leuk die 7 facts 😉

    Liefs Ilja

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