15 Random Facts Tag!

31 Dec

I received this tag from the lovely Sanne from Morrigan’s. I really like this Tag and i’m doing it in English! Here are the rules: Mention 15 facts and tag 5 other bloggers. So on to the facts!

#1 I’m allergic to animals but i have 3 cats!

#2 I like going to the dentist and i’m going the same dentist for like 22 years (i’m 26).

#3 I follow more than 15 series. A few series i follow are Gossip Girl, True Blood, House, Bones, Skins, Castle and The Vampire Diaries.

#4 I hate it when my boyfriend sleeps in, because that means i have to be very quiet till like 2 pm.

#5 I own a whole lot of shoes (pumps, boots, sneakers, slippers and many many more) but i wear my k-swiss sneakers the most.

#6 I love the Fast and the Furious movies, my absolute favorite is Tokyo Drift. And i can’t wait till Fast Five ^_^

#7 I drive a Volkswagen Golf, from ’89, called Bob…

#8 I know a few words and 1 whole sentence in Portugese.

#9 When i got Mo & Fo, who are sisters, i searched for the perfect duo name and before i settled with Mo&Fo i had a few other options. Some i disliked are: Mary kate & Ashley, Jip & Janneke, Mayo & Ketchup, Squicky & Toy.

#10 When Turtle (my oldest) was little she would run up the bed, slap me in the nose and run away. Now she just cuddles with my boyfriend and curls up against my butt. Sometimes i find myself wishing she would still slap me in the nose sometimes! xD

#11 I like putting ikea things together myself. I always feel very independent after finishing it all by myself.

#12 My favorite books are the Harry Potter books. I own and i’ve read them (a few times) in Dutch but i also want to get the English books and re-read them in English.

#13 I love accents. My favorites are British, Flemish (Belgium) and Australian 😀

#14 My guilty pleasure is listening/watching Cher. I think i might have seen mermaids (my favorite Cher movie) like 8 or 9 times.

#15 When i wake up in the morning or when my alarmclock goes off Fo or Mo comes to me for some cuddling under the blanket. So most of my days i start with a cuddle ^^

Ok so that was it 😀 15 random facts just for you guys!

Now on to the lovely bloggers i’m tagging:

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6 Reacties to “15 Random Facts Tag!”

  1. Sarah 31/12/2010 bij 09:57 #

    aaww hihi, love the nose-slapping part ^^ hihi

  2. Sanne 31/12/2010 bij 15:25 #

    Fun read! Loved the nose-slapping fact too 😀

  3. Lisa 31/12/2010 bij 16:42 #

    What a fun tag 😀 Haha, number one is also the same for me :p I love cats so much but I can’t put them away, I love them too much 🙂

  4. Mandy 31/12/2010 bij 17:40 #

    Bedankt dat je me getagged hebt!!

  5. DragonRhia 01/01/2011 bij 05:24 #

    Thank you for the tag. The 3 cats and being allergic…WoW! And the cuddle time is simply fabulous. 🙂

  6. nathalia 01/01/2011 bij 13:06 #

    haha funny

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