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21 Aug


Deze tag kreeg ik van Lynsey van Lynsey’s Beauty en Eva van Nailpolicious! Ik heb m in het engels beantwoord (kan ik m’n engels nog een btje opschroeven 😉 )

Once tagged, you must link the person who tagged you, tag 4 others, let the bloggers know they have been tagged, give 4 answers to each question asked.

4 things in my bag/purse
– My HTC Desire
– Grocery store receipts
– Rexona Girl Deo (dance energy)
– 4 different lipbalm/glosses

4 things found in my office desk drawer
– CD’s
– Make-up
– Screws
– Pens

4 favorite things in my room
– Nailpolish
– My cuddle pillow in my bed
– Lemony Flutter
– My baroque style wallpaper (on my wall)

4 things I’ve always wanted to do
– A roadtrip trough America
– Loose weight
– Go back to New York for 2 weeks, I loved New York.
– Buy a farm with lots of land and start a shelter just for cats

4 things I’m currently into
– Nailpolish
– Reading before going to bed
– Planning stuff
– Twitter

4 things I bet you didn’t know about me
– I almost never drink any liquor
– I hate doing dishes
– I’m allergic to cats but i have 3 of them
– I don’t like orange soda’s (like fanta orange) but i do like oranges..

4 songs I can’t get out of my head
– Armin van Buuren & Sophie Ellis Bextor – Not Giving up on Love
– Enrique Iglesias – I Like It
– Jacqueline – Overrated
– Britney Spears – (You drive me) Crazy

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6 Reacties to “Tag: 4 things tag”

  1. I’m with you on never drinking liquor and HATE doing dishes. Before I had a dishwasher I just bought paper plates/bowls so I could throw them away or I ate over the sink or the counter cuz I wasn’t gonna wash a dish.

    • Natascha 21/08/2010 bij 20:37 #

      Most of the time i actually save it up and then I have to do dishes from the last 2 weeks :’)
      I however do wash off the plates or put water in the pans so it’s kind of stupid of me that i just don’t do it directly haha

  2. Amber 21/08/2010 bij 21:19 #

    Thnx! Leuke antwoorden, ik doe het maar in het Nederlands, anders duurt het 10x zo lang, hahaha!

  3. Frauke 22/08/2010 bij 08:51 #

    Ohh ik ben jaloers op je HTC 😀

  4. Eva! 22/08/2010 bij 13:45 #

    leuk leuk leuk leuk!

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