News: Catrice Limited Edition “Caramé”

10 Mei

Oceana ligt nog niet zo heel lang in de winkels en de volgende limited collectie staat al weer voor de deur.
Caramé heet de nieuwe collectie die vanaf juli(!!) in de winkels zou moeten liggen.

De collectie heeft iets orientaals met de bruine en oranje kleuren het is dan ook geen verrassing dat dat inderdaad de sfeer is die ze willen opwekken!

Catrice Preview
Limited Edition “Caramé”

Caramé conjures up visions of an evening stroll over an oriental bazaar:

Despite the late hour it’s still warm outside. The air is laden with the smell of oriental spices. Dusk slowly lays its blanket of peace and quiet over the vibrantly pulsating market bustle between Persian tapestry, blackened bronze jewellery and expressive Indian fabrics.

This moment was captured in the new Limited Edition Caramé products by Catrice, with their vivid, contrasting and yet harmonious colours and the decorative oriental style packaging.

Caramé Ultimate Nail Lacquer

The Caramé Ultimate Nail Lacquer offers the most beautiful
oriental colours for well-groomed nails: two intense, summery
shades of trendy berry and warm orange-red as well as two
shimmery, shiny treasures in bronze and brown.

Available in the colours:
C01 – Oriental Orange
C02 – Bronzed Brown
C03 – Spiced Bronze
C04 – Berry Bazaar

Caramé Oriental Gloss

Caramé Oriental Gloss conjures the most seductive lips in the Eastern World: its slight to medium opacity lends your lips a gorgeous, shimmering lustre along with the warm oriental colours.
And the decorative packaging will make you enjoy getting it out of your handbag all the more.

Available in the colours:
C01 – Oriental Orange
C02 – Berry Bazaar
C03 – Spiced Red

Caramé Intense Eye Shadow

A guarantee for perfect oriental eye make-up: the Caramé eye
shadows in intense opaque colours like matt peacock blue or
gorgeous shimmering bronze make for radiant looks.

Available in the colours:
C01 – Silky Gold
C02 – Peacock Blue
C03 – Spiced Red
C04 – Spiced Bronze Caramé

Caramé Gloriously Smokey Eyes Kit

Our ultimate Limited Edition Caramé highlight is the Smokey Eyes Kit:

wrapped in stunning bronze paper, it offers the latest trend straight off the catwalks, where smokey eyes are a must!

Easy to use thanks to the own special applicator.

Caramé Liquid Eyeliner

With colours that go perfectly with oriental make-up, the Caramé Liquid Eyeliner in peacock blue or bronze has a slightly shiny effect that lends eyes a unique expression.

Available in the colours:
C01 – Peacock Blue
C02 – Spiced Bronze

Caramé Terracotta Powder

The Caramé Terracotta Powder’s versatility makes it an absolute must-have this summer:

Whether for powdering and touching up your make-up or used on its own, it lends your face and decolleté the natural, lightly tanned look of sun-kissed skin and an overall fresh appearance.

…coming soon!

foto’s eigendom catrice

Ik vind de kleuren leuk! Ik ben vooral erg benieuwd naar de lakjes en de smokey eyes kit!

En wat vinden jullie er van?
Wat zou jij van deze collectie willen hebben?


Eén reactie to “News: Catrice Limited Edition “Caramé””

  1. Selina 11/05/2010 bij 12:11 #

    Ik ben er nog niet helemaal over uit wat ik van deze collectie vind,.. Vind de nagellak in ieder geval wel leuk!

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